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YouTube for foreign participants - English versions available!

This is a very special announcement to me. I am used to teach English Yoga classes but I haven't provided any YouTube video in English yet.

As I have the feeling that these two topics could be globally helpful especially in these challenging COVID times, I decided to provide them both, in my mother tongue as well as. in English.

The first English yoga routine on my channel is meant for all of us who have to struggle with the annual cold season.

In this yoga routine we will do something good for our body in a gentle and healthy way.

Since the topic Yoga or rather sport combined with cold is not without danger, here are a few disclaimers:

  • Please ask your doctor in advance if you are allowed to practice gentle Yoga

  • In case of fever and increased temperature, please refrain from using asana. Instead you can meditate or practice alternating breathing. You can find instructions below in Nadi Shodana link.

  • Please do not break a sweat! Rather once more in the child track down

  • Do not cool down. Wrap up warm, have socks, sweater and blanket ready

Second video won't contain any asana practice, but pranayama. Strictly speaking it is a manual for alternating breathing. This serves to balance the female and male energies in us and at the same time helps us breathe more freely, especially during the cold season. In any case, alternating breathing is a nice alternative when no asana practice is possible!

You are welcome to try yourself as a beginner, I will lead through every step.

Let me know if you're interested in further English content so I can adjust my content a little for you :)

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